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  1. Tina W says:

    I was unprepared for the warm weather this year (we’ve already had MULTIPLE 90+ days. What the heck???). Usually I start by drinking a lot more water and starting to wake up early since yardwork needs to be done earlyyyyy.

  2. kwaiping y says:

    To get ready for warmer weather, I am taking better care of my skin by applying moisturizer regularly. I also am going to get a haircut to get the hair out of my face, and work on drinking more water to keep my skin hydrated!

  3. Debbie B says:

    i live in Texas so we are already having warm weather! I have been working on weightloss – Down 57 lbs! So i’ve been getting to buy some new warmer weather clothes as my old ones are all too big – I need to do some of those exercises but i’m not that motivated just yet LOL . I do find that my skin is dryer in warmer weather so i do have to amp up my moisturizing – i like curel products but haven’t tried this particular one

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